Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought Iron Fences

Are you looking for a driveway gate company to install a gate for you or maybe to repair a gate that you already have? Do you want a company that will always be there for you? Do you want a company that has the best installation contractorsaround?

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Commercial Gate

Commercial Gate

Providing protection for your assets can be done in many ways. One of the easiest ways to get the service you need is to install a Beverly Hills commercial gate into your property. These commercial gates can only allow the people with the correct pass codes

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Residential Gate

Residential Gate

There are many reasons to enjoy the safety and security of a residential gate in your own home. Many people all over are choosing to install a Beverly Hills residential gate because they are an easy way to guarantee you will be secure in your own home.

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Outstanding gate repair services and maintenance!

Our pool of experts has answers to frequently asked gate repair and door maintenance questions.

  • Are automatic electric gates safe?

    Yes. There are several safety and regulatory guidelines laid out by different governmental departments to ensure that residential automatic gates are safe for users. Moreover, all gate companies ensure that such guidelines are followed during installation, repair, and maintenance work. So, there’s no need to worry. Owners should make it a point, however, to communicate with their providers if they are unsure.

  • What kind of locks should I use for my gates?

    Deadbolts, combination locks, or even basic latch padlocks work for gates, but the important thing to remember is that they should be rust proof. Gates are often exposed to the elements, and rusty gate locks can be a really big problem.

  • How wide should gate bottom clearance be?

    Bottom clearance for most swing gates can be from 3 inches to 6 inches. However, most gate experts consider a range of 4 to 5 inches as the optimal clearance space when aesthetics is the main concern. The clearance should be discussed with the gate contractor to sort out practicality and appearance priorities before a new gate installation is undertaken.

  • My gate makes loud screeching sounds, what does this mean?

    That means that the hinges or other moving parts are drying up and require lubrication. This can easily be fixed by applying a lubricant. However, make sure you use the proper lubricating agent as other lubricating oils tend to build-up dirt over time and cause damage.

  • Why are gate accidents common with pedestrians?

    Driving lanes are located adjacent to pedestrian walkways. The in-ground control loops are only able to detect metal and not a walking pedestrian. Ideally pedestrians should keep away from traffic lanes and watch out for opening or closing gates

  • What is preventive maintenance?

    Preventive maintenance includes measures taken to prolong the service life of gates. Specialists from Gate Repair Beverly Hills recommend a regular preventive maintenance for all gates. This includes checking of safety systems, inspection of parts and mechanisms and oiling of moving parts.Industrial gates must be checked monthly, commercial gates quarterly and residential gates at least twice a year for preventive maintenance.

  • How can I maintain my gate so it works well always?

    Gates like all other things operated mechanically need to be checked regularly. The components as well as the other devices used to operate the gates are cleaned, greased, repaired and replaced as their condition calls for these services. It is best to check on your gates regularly to avoid malfunction and accidents. A well maintained gate can ensure safety, security and savings. You can depend on its performance.

  • What gate can be more appropriate for a warehouse?

    The gate should always secure whatever is behind it, be they commodities or people living in the area. Warehouses should be well secured and solid sliding gates are just the right kind of gate. This type of gate is heavy and needs a device or control to operate it. Sliding gate doors have safety sensors to ensure the safety of workers and commodities. Steel sliding gates gives security and safety.

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